Olympic National Forest

We find that many people don't know Olympic National Forest and Olympic National Park are DIFFERENT.  While both are federal public lands, Olympic National Forest consists of multiple sections of forest surrounding the National Park and has different rules and regulations*, most notably 1.) no wilderness backpacking permits/fees, and 2.) dogs are allowed on trails!

A Cozy River House cabins are conveniently surrounded by Olympic National Forest recreation locations.  Some of the main hiking trails and an interactive trail head map link are below:

(*To enjoy both Olympic National Park and Forest to their fullest, make sure to be mindful of which one you are visiting - no one wants unexpected fines on vacation.  Example: dogs on ONP trails and beaches)

Olympic National Forest Interactive Recreation Map

Olympic National Forest Recreation

near A Cozy River House

For permit, area status, maps and additional details, please click the links below.


**Recreational Day Use Fee Applies (area pass vendors)

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